☆☆☆ Long, overdue update time! ☆☆☆

I have decided to majorly overhaul the “Darkflames” series and in doing so have deleted all previous updates. Having a greyscale webcomic with splashes of colour and a lame-ish opening didn’t sit well with me.

…After a year or so.

Has it really been that long?

Let’s be honest, I am somewhat of a lazy person with lots of fantabulous ideas but nothing to push me to want to use them to their full potential.

First world problems much?

It should be also noted that I have struggled to come up with a proper introductory since f-o-r-e-v-e-r. I have so much material, yet no introduction… Well, some ideas but they all end up making me cringe and if I cringe, the internetz is sure to follow in suit.

It happens time and time again where I end up re-designing the entire cast and their outfits, introducing new characters, changing the plot in my head significantly and yet no bloody introduction!?!?!

How does everyone else do it??? ARGH!?!!?

The good news is, in a year I have managed to improve my character design incredibly well so when I do eventually get my lazy butt-butt into gear, I should have something halfway decent to call a webcomic in no time, however for the time being I have well deserved my self appointed title of:


Yay me! 

So you know the drill, keep an eye on this blog for possibly something worth while in the next *insert unrealistic date expectation here*. I swear I will get around to whatever whenever. (Damn song is now stuck in my head on a loop -WHY DID I WRITE THAT???)

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-Ashurii ☥

Ps. I still like this spoiler picture, even though I have since updated my style. I thought I would just keep it here for the time being as a reminder of sorts.